Medical Army

Recruit an army that you can trust to help advocate on your behalf!

America’s Frontline Doctors Citizen Corps can help you connect with like-minded freedom fighters in your area. In the age of Covid-19, hospitals are no longer safe havens for ethical medical care. Don’t wait to connect with like-minded warriors. Review below to build a team that can cover some or all the roles listed below.

It is highly encouraged to download the PDF as it has more links to Media sources.

Recruit an army that you can trust to help advocate on your behalf!

Build a Medical Freedom Army

MPOA/Healthcare Proxy:

he person you have delegated to make medical decisions on your behalf in accordance with your Advance Directive.

Ethical Prescriber and/or Infusion Clinic:

MD/DO/NP/PA etc. A source for ethical treatment supervision, prescription medication and therapies.

Medical Freedom Attorney/Legal Counsel:

Someone that can help you with the legal aspects of fighting the hospital such as filing emergency injunctions with local courts and communicating with hospital administration.

At-home Care Team – RNs/CNAs/EMTs, etc.

The hospital should provide you with a list of local home-care resources that your insurance may cover. In some cases, a team of volunteers may need to be recruited if insurance refuses to cover the at-home care staff. This team would need to organize and help provide in-home care including medication administration, oxygen therapy, activities of daily living, etc.

Medical Services Outreach:

Contacting medical service providers that offer outpatient treatment or in-home services as needed, i.e., Palliative Care, Hospice Care Services, Respiratory Therapists, Respiratory Supply Companies, etc.

Media outreach:

Alerting media outlets of a hospital’s refusal to comply with patient’s request for safe and ethical treatment against a deadly disease and/or their isolation from loved ones.

Some national media outlets that may consider reporting on a Covid-19 medical kidnapping story: Gateway Pundit, Red Vice Media, X22, Natural News, Info Wars, Dr. Mercola, Epoch Times, Tucker Carlson, Americas Frontline Doctors, News Max, One America News Network (OAN).

*Please download the PDF for links to above media outlets.

Protest Organizer:

Stage daily protests, if possible, against the unethical treatment and negligence. Signs might read Save ‘Patient’s First Name,’ Ivermectin Saves Lives, Medical Negligence Kills, etc.

Social Media Outreach:

Someone to disseminate the story using social media to raise awareness and increase pressure on the hospital to do the right thing.